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Is Haven secure?

Learn how Haven keeps your assets and investments truly secure.

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At Haven, we understand that the world of crypto and blockchain can be both exciting and intimidating. The security of your assets is of paramount importance. This is why we go to great lengths to ensure that your assets are secure and that your organisation is protected.

Is Haven audited?

Haven's codebase and technical environment are audited regularly by certified third parties. The most recent Audit Reports may be accessed below:

How often are audits conducted?

As our products are constantly being enhanced, there exists a need for our evolving codebase to be regularly reviewed. Audits are conducted every 3 months. During this time, Haven's technical environment is also progressively hardened to counter any new and emerging threats.

How does Multi-Party Computation (MPC) promote security in Haven?

Traditionally, crypto wallets depend on seed phrases for account recovery. This can potentially be a security risk if these seed phrases are lost or stolen. Haven uses state-of-the-art Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to eliminate the need for seed phrases.

MPC introduces a concept known as key sharding. Key sharding enhances security by fragmenting a cryptographic key into several "shards". Each shard is useless independently, adding security as all shards are needed to reconstruct the original key. Even if a shard is compromised, the system remains secure. With each shard stored independently, the system also gains flexibility and resilience, making key sharding a robust solution for secure crypto transactions.

This ensures that you can recover your funds even if you misplace your credentials. This innovative approach minimises the risk of unauthorized access, making your business transactions and assets more secure than ever before.

Is it true that Haven has never been compromised before?

Haven is currently incident-free and has never once been compromised since its launch in 2022. In addition, Haven has successfully maintained a 100% uptime record with zero technical outages.

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