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OMNi Card Benefits & Pricing
OMNi Card Benefits & Pricing
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OMNi Card is available in 3 variants, namely OMNi Go, OMNi Elite and OMNi Infinite.

While OMNi Go and OMNi Elite are virtual cards, OMNi Infinite is a physical card.

Card Specifications

You may wish to refer to the table below for a detailed comparison of the various card types:

Virtual vs Physical Cards

Here are a few things to consider when deciding between a virtual or physical card.

  • Virtual cards are great if you would like immediate issuance without the need for KYC. You may start using a virtual card in a matter of minutes.

  • On the other hand, while a physical card like OMNi Infinite requires basic KYC and has a longer issuing time (delivery often takes 1 - 2 weeks), it comes with additional benefits like a higher pledge limit and the ability to withdraw cash at ATMs.

  • All OMNi cards are widely accepted by more than 30,000,000 merchants globally. However, physical cards are known to have a higher merchant acceptance rate than virtual cards. If you plan on using your card at petrol kiosks and with telcos and eWallets, then you may wish to consider applying for a physical card instead.

  • For dining, offline retail and online shopping, both virtual and physical cards generally work equally well.

Multi-Card Support

While you may only link one virtual card to your Haven Wallet at a time, you may link your wallet to both a virtual and physical card at the same time. Hence, you may wish to consider applying for both a virtual and physical together.

To apply for an OMNi Card, first download the Haven Wallet mobile app before applying within.

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