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Creating a Haven Account
Creating a Haven Account

Sign up for an account and create your first wallet.

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Downloading Haven

Haven Wallet is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

To sign up for Haven, first download the Haven Wallet app from either of the links below:

Apple App Store (iOS):

Google Play Store (Android):

Creating an Account and Wallet

To create an account, launch the Haven Wallet mobile app and enter your email address when prompted.

Fill up all required fields in the form. If you have a Referral Code, be sure to enter it. Otherwise, leave the Referral Code field blank.

If you plan on using Haven with your coworkers, enable the switch beside "I will be using Haven as an organisation or as a DAO", then enter the name of your organisation. If, however, you plan on using Haven solo, leave the switch in its default disabled state. You may always enable multi-user (organisational) support from Settings at a later date.

And complete the OTP challenge. You will be prompted to verify both your email address and mobile number.

Go ahead and create a 6-digit PIN next.

Your wallet will now be created. This usually takes between 2 - 3 minutes. We highly recommend that you enable Biometrics (e.g. Facial or fingerprint recognition) while waiting. Biometrics greatly enhance your wallet's security while promoting more seamless access to your wallet.

Once created, your wallet will be displayed automatically. You may now use your wallet to receive and send tokens.

If you would like to buy or swap tokens but do not see access to these on your Homescreen, contact support to activate these functions.

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